Meet the Team


Wayne Impullitti



Wayne Impullitti, president of Impullitti Landscaping, Inc., grew up in the landscaping business. His maternal grandfather operated a landscaping company specializing in Cleveland’s east-side estate residences. Then in 1952, Impullitti and Sons Landscaping was started by Wayne’s father, Clifford Impullitti, Sr. Wayne learned about the various aspects of the business from his father and then continued his education with a degree in nursery management at The Ohio State University. In 1990 Wayne became sole owner of the company, now named Impullitti Landscaping, Inc. His knowledge of the business runs deep and is exhibited in his creation of a premier company. Currently, he serves on the Key Advisory Committee at The Ohio State University and as the Master Planning Chairman of the Secrest Arboretum Council at The Ohio State University Wooster.   Indicative of the success of Impullitti Landscaping is the long list of awards received by the company in state and national competitions. Notable awards include winning the Massachusetts Horticultural Society Gold Medal—one of only eight awards given nationally—on two separate occasions at the Cleveland Botanical Garden Center and more than 100 other awards from local, state and international associations. Most recently, Wayne was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award from The Ohio State University.

Michael Impullitti


Vice President

As Vice President, Michael brings a fresh perspective and great enthusiasm to the staff. Although he is the newest member to the management staff, he is by no means the new kid on the block. Having been raised in the family business, Michael learned the values of the “Impullitti Way” from an early age — both from his father and grandfather. In fact, Michael’s involvement in the company signifies a new chapter for Impullitti Landscaping as he represents the fourth generation of his family to be a part of a landscaping business. A graduate of John Carroll University, Michael began his career working in operations for one of North America’s largest trucking companies. Michael serves on the Advisory Boards of Kent State University, Tri-C Eastern Branch and Auburn Career Center.


Dan McClaren


Director of Design

Dan McClaren has earned more than 50 state and national awards honoring his commitment to excellence. His award winning designs have been featured at the Cleveland Botanical Garden Flower Show, Floralscape, and the Association of Professional Landscape Design (A.P.L.D.) National Conference. “Of all the designs I’ve seen all over the state, there is no doubt in my mind that Dan is one of the top designers. When it comes to creativity and attention to detail, his talents are unmatched,” said Wayne Impullitti.   A 1990 summa cum laude graduate from The Ohio State University in landscape design, Dan is also a certified landscape installer and certified member of the A.P.L.D. He is past president for the Ohio Landscape Association and served on many industry committees.

Dave Ketz


Landscape Architect

Dave Ketz has been a part of the landscaping industry for nearly 20 years. From front yard renovations, to back yard entertainment areas, to estate planning, to commercial and institutional gardens, Dave can help you with projects of any scale. He has a special interest in Green design principles that can translate into more efficient and environmentally sustainable landscapes.   Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University, is a registered Landscape Architect, and is certified by NALP as a Landscape Professional. He sat on the Advisory Board of Associated Green Industries, has judged NALP’s national landscape awards, and enjoys collaborating with architects, builders and engineers.

Landscape Sales

John Wheeler


Sales Executive

John Wheeler began working in the landscape industry at the age of 12, mowing the common areas for a private lake community. After attending The Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) to earn a degree in horticulture, John purchased his first truck and began his own company in 1976 which he ran successfully for nearly 40 years before joining the Impullitti Landscaping team in 2013.   As a member of the professional Landcare Network (PLANET) for over 20 years, John is a Charter Certified Landscape Professional. John has a real passion for the industry. He believes that clients should be treated as friends and develops long-lasting relationships with his clients.


Shawn Wadsworth


Director of Maintenance

Shawn views the landscaping business as much more than a career. “To me, it is just a way of life.” A true outdoorsman, Shawn enjoys the fact that his profession allows him to spend time outside in nature - and that includes being out in the snow too. A 2004 graduate of The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) with a degree in construction management, Shawn has been involved in all aspects of the industry including construction, maintenance, fertilization, snowplowing and management. He enjoys working with his clients to achieve their goals. Shawn provides his knowledge from working and overseeing snow and maintenance routes to the sales team and also coordinates with snow and maintenance operations to assist with more efficient routing.

Tim Lestock


Account Manager

For nearly 30 years, Tim has been a powerful influence at Impullitti Landscaping. He is a 1985 graduate of The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) with a degree in landscape management. Tim is responsible for landscaping maintenance and commercial snowplowing sales which is a great fit considering his long history with so many of our clients. Prior to Tim’s transition to the sales team, he led the grounds maintenance division for more than 20 years. Under his direction, the company achieved several statewide awards for excellence in grounds maintenance service.

Armond "Ted" Ferrante, C.L.T.


Training and Field Development Coordinator


Energetic and passionate describe Armond’s day to day work ethic in a landscaping career that spans more than three decades. Armond is responsible for safety and training of the maintenance crews. He works closely in with the crews in the field to ensure that proper techniques are being used and to help teach our employees “The Impullitti Way,” Additionally, Armond leads the safety training efforts of the company and works to ensure that all employees are working in the safest manner possible. A graduate from Ashland University with a degree in Business Administration. He is also a certified landscape technician.

Howard Juntoff


Account Manager

Howard is a seasoned landscape and snowplow manager with over 30 years of industry experience. He is a graduate of the Horticulture Program at Brush High School and owned his own landscaping company for 17 years before moving on and managing accounts in the nursery, landscaping and snowplow industry. The best part of the job for Howard is the interaction with clients. He enjoys the communication involved, responding to concerns or questions and developing strategies to accomplish goals so as to exceed the expectations of the clients. Howard’s clients often comment on his willingness to go the extra mile. No matter the season, Howard is very determined to ensure that level of client satisfaction is maintained and works diligently with his crews to make sure we are delivering quality results.

Heather Crowder


Landscape Enhancement Specialist

Heather's love of the outdoors along with her creative nature, makes her the perfect fit to lead our enhancement teams. An 11 year veteran of the landscaping industry, Heather continually pursues education in annual and perennial design through various local associations. Her seasonal color changes are a favorite among clients. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking and baking.

Anthony Cascone


Account Manager

Anthony began his landscaping career in 2010 working for Wheeler Landscaping - a company which Impulitti Landscaping acquired in 2013. He has taken extensive classes through The Ohio State University on selective pruning and maintenance enhancements. As a seasoned professional in the landscape maintenance, Anthony takes great pride in making sure all of his properties are beautifully maintained. According to Anthony, getting to create art in the landscape is the most fulfilling part of his career. He is a car enthusiast who enjoys car shows and attending racing events in his free time.


Ryan Dustman


Director of Construction & Snowplow Operations

With more than 20 years of construction and snowplow management experience, Ryan provides strong leadership to our crews. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) landscape management program. Ryan is responsible for all of the scheduling and purchasing for construction and snow management projects. This requires close coordination with our design team and vendors to ensure that all materials are delivered to the job site in a timely manner and that crews are ready to begin work by the scheduled date. In the winter, Ryan manages the snowplow operations for the company. He oversees a staff of five regional account managers dedicated to the snow and ice services specific for our clients and 70 plus employees working throughout the winter season. He is extremely dedicated to the overall success of the snowplow operations on each and every snow and ice event no matter if it is a one inch snow or a ten inch snow event, Ryan takes great pride in a job well done.

Chris Evans


Irrigation & Lighting Manager

Chris has been working in various aspects of the landscaping industry since 2003. He has held a variety of positions and is skilled at doing everything from landscape maintenance to construction to project management. Because of Chris’s ability to tackle problems and get results, he was the perfect fit to lead our irrigation and lighting division. Chris is able to meet with clients and help solve the complex challenges that often exist with irrigation and lighting systems. He is also a member of the Ohio Irrigation Association.


Sherry Watts


Director of Administration

Creativity and organization are skills that Sherry has used for the past 17 years to manage all of the day-to-day operations at both office locations. Sherry is responsible for the marketing and advertising initiatives of the company, client correspondence, and overall administrative duties. She oversees the office staff and works to ensure that each division is working timely and efficiently. Sherry has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from John Carroll University and is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management. Her co-workers describe her as a happy, caring person, who is dedicated to the work and success of the company.

Cindy Cieslak


Chief Financial Officer

For 14 years, Cindy has been handling all of the financials for Impullitti Landscaping, Inc. She has played an integral role in planning for the strategic growth of the company. Her responsibilities span across preparing financial statements, budgeting, and overseeing other co-workers. She is described as smart, dedicated and conscientious. Cindy has a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Dayton and a Master of Business Administration from John Carroll University.

Jim Swaye


Director of Contracts & Program Managment

Jim has practically grown up in the landscaping industry. His grandfather, Clifford Impullitti, Sr. started the company long before he was born and he grew up watching his parents, grandparents and uncles working in the family business. Jim started working for the company while still in high school and then received his degree in landscaping management from The Ohio State University. Jim has been an integral part of the team at Impullitti Landscaping and has managed many aspects of the business. Jim oversees the entire general day to day operations and coordinates closely with all the account managers and sales executives. Jim is also involved in the route management of the crews and helps to oversee general snowplow operations and account management.

Lena Barber


Human Resource Manager

Compassionate and welcoming, Lena embraces every interaction with our employees and staff. For over 25 years, she has been involved in the Human Resources industry and is constantly adapting with the field. Earning a business degree in Management and Human Resources at Cleveland State University, Lena has taken on the responsibilities of recruiting and employee relations. In addition, she manages the benefits, workers comp, safety, and human resources administration. She accepts every challenge with the intent to uphold the integrity of Impullitti Landscaping and its employees.

Fleet Management

Earl Schueren


Fleet Manager

Earl is the master of the Impullitti Landscaping shop. He is responsible for the daily maintenance of all trucks, mowers and equipment. Drawing on his nearly 40 years of automotive experience, Earl uses his expertise to make sure that every piece of equipment that leaves the shop is in tip top shape. He is quiet, innovative and keeps an impeccable shop. He takes great pride in everything he does and it shows. Earl particularly shines during the snowplow season when he must make sure that all plows, salt spreaders and other equipment are ready to go at a moment’s notice to keep the crews at peak operation during snow events.

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