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At Impullitti Landscaping, Inc., we’ve had more than 60 years to develop our business philosophy and it hasn’t changed since the day we began. Cliff Impullitti, Sr., founder of the company, said it best, “Impullitti Landscaping is going to be known for setting the standard of quality work.” And since 1952, that is exactly what we have done. Because of our relentless pursuit of excellence in design, build, maintenance, and customer service Impullitti Landscaping, Inc. is now recognized as an industry leader and a premier landscaping company in Northeast Ohio.

The company’s focus is on upscale private residences, prime office and commercial properties, however, we take pride in our ability to work with any client’s project and budget requirements. Clients include corporate headquarters, office complexes, major name hotels, condominium developments, shopping centers and beautiful residential properties spanning all of Northeast Ohio.

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