Living well today without sacrificing tomorrow.

Impullitti connects the research, technology, and environmental values of today with traditional best practices we’ve used since 1952. Sustainability at its core is about conservation of time, resources, materials, and money. It should take into consideration people and economics, as well as the environment.

The RESULT is a well-used, quality landscape that we can proudly pass down to future generations because it is an incremental improvement for the environment AND a benefit to our clients:

  • Economic- Reduction in maintenance and energy costs and even up front costs.
  • Health- Stress relief and physical benefits associated with nature and social gatherings.
  • Integrity- Know you are doing your part for your children and grandchildren while being a model for others.
Residential Landscaping

We strive to ACHIEVE the SPECIFIC DESIGN AND MAINTENANCE GOALS you have for your property using our approach to sustainability. We’ll help you balance goals, costs, and the time or resources needed to build and maintain your landscape.

  • Do you want a cozy patio? Let’s plant native evergreens to provide that feeling.
  • Having a drainage issue? We can explore a dry well, cistern, or rain garden to solve the problem. Maybe we can alleviate a soil compaction problem that might be at the root of a problem
  • Is saving on energy and maintenance costs a goal? LED lighting can be part of the solution.
  • Great Service and Value
    • We study your property to determine how we can best serve your needs.
  • Compost (all collected yard waste is composted & our topsoil mix and soil amendments are largely compost)
    • Healthy soils are the basis of healthy landscapes.
  • Right Plant, Right Space
    • Happy plants in the right location require less maintenance.
  • Environmentally Benign Plantings (non-invasive and disease resistant)
    • Invasive plants can push out native and naturalized plant material causing habitat destruction.
  • Locally Sourced Materials
    • Benefits: support the local economy, less energy and pollution to transport, and lower cost point to point.
  • Water-Wise Design
    • We get to know your property and how you want to use it. Then, we design a landscape that works with that to be efficient.
  • Maintain, Reuse, or Repurpose Materials On Site
    • Provides sense of place, saves the energy and cost of new materials
  • Use Recycled and Recyclable Materials
    • Speaks for itself.
  • Organic Soil Amendment and Mulch
    • Naturally fertilizing and aerating your landscape.
  • Efficient Lighting and Irrigation
    • Saves resources, money, and maintenance
  • Bioswales, Rain gardens, Cisterns, Rain Barrels
    • Capture water resources, slow rainwater runoff rate, filter pollutants. Especially needed with new sewer district regulations.
  • Attract Wildlife
    • Natural pest control and personal appreciation.
  • Office and Shop Recycling
    • Paper, Cardboard, Equipment Parts, Engine Oil, Plastic, Glass

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