Commercial Maintenance

Shopping Centers

Merchandising begins before your customers walk through the front door. A well-maintained and pleasant landscape at your shopping center reinforces a positive image and puts customers in the mood to shop!


Guests will experience more enjoyment and are more likely to return to a hotel that maintains a well-groomed exterior to the property. The well-kept landscape will reflect the level of service provided by your staff inside the hotel for a completely positive experience for your visitors.

Home Associations & Condominiums

Maintenance of condominiums is a special area of expertise for Impullitti Landscaping. One of the key advantages to a condominium lifestyle is the luxury of maintenance-free living. Condo owners expect this service, so why trust this valuable service to just any landscaping company? Impullitti Landscaping will maintain your property with a high level of expertise and professionalism so that you can sit back and enjoy the view.

Industrial Parks

Industrial parks generally represent a wide variety of businesses. Continuity in the landscaping helps to unify the presentation of a multiplicity of businesses, and with proper maintenance presents a positive image that will promote the businesses within the complex.

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