Commercial Design

Commercial Design

Our design staff is comprised of award-winning landscape Designer/Architect personnel who have been recognized with many awards and published articles on both a local and national level for their creative design capabilities. Each team member of the Designer/Architect staff has their own individual aptitudes, experiences and backgrounds which result in some of the most distinctive designs and installations in the Cleveland area. We help our clients to see the opportunities in their properties while eliminating its constraints. Our designers and installation teams collaborate from start to finish resulting in better design ingenuity, better estimating, and an efficient timeline.

Impullitti Landscaping has developed a design program to assure quality designs, which are then used to create outdoor environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


  • master planning
  • hardscape design
  • planting design
  • sustainable design
  • site furnishing selection.

Our Design Program:

  • Initial consultation: A meeting to discuss the project scope, goals and budget.
  • Site measurements/analysis/photography: Collect all the site information and document existing conditions, views, existing plantings, amenities, etc. with digital photos and grade elevations.
  • Base map: All the existing site measurements are drawn and/or entered into a CAD program.  
  • Concept plan: The concept plan and budgets are developed with the design program as the guide.
  • Concept review meeting: Plan presented for discussion and review. 
  • Revisions: Revisions are made based on feedback, plants selected, and the final Master Plan prepared.

Master plan review: The master plan (final design) is drawn to scale with major elements labeled. Trees and shrubs are labeled and called out on a plant key with both the (Latin) botanical and common names. The Master Plan is presented along with construction proposals to execute the implementation of the project.

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